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Determine What You Can Spend During the Holidays

We talk a lot about not overspending during the holidays—but that’s hard to control if you don’t really know what you can afford to spend in the first place. Here are five guidelines that can help you avoid moving into the overspending zone.   Your spending shouldn’t require use of …

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Life Insurance Awareness Month

  Life Insurance Awareness Month   September is Life Insurance Awareness month and at Financing Your Life, we want to use this as an opportunity to spend a few weeks talking about how life insurance impacts people of all ages—from college students to middle-aged professionals, from people with kids to …

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What You Lose Betting on Future Income

    Tell me if any of these statements sound like things you’ve said or thoughts you’ve had recently:   I’ll opt into the 401(k) after my next raise. I’ll start contributing to an IRA once I make more. Sure, I’ve got a little debt now, but eventually I’ll be …

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