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Cheap Summer Activities

FYL 6.16.16

Summer is here and that means kids are out of school and ready to play. What can be a fun, exciting

time for your kids can be a nightmare for you if you aren’t prepared with affordable, fun activities that

keep them busy, engaged and entertained. Here are three cheap—even free—ideas that will get your

kids through the summer without blowing your budget or hearing constant complaints of boredom.

1. Try geocaching: What kid doesn’t love a treasure hunt? Of course, finding an old, buried

treasure is impossible, right? Not when you’re geocaching. Geocaching is a popular activity in

which people hide objects and upload GPS coordinates so others can find them. You can

download a free geocaching app for most phones and help your kids find treasures around your

neighborhood, the local park or the local shopping center. You can even hide your own

treasures and upload their coordinates for others to find!

2. Create a nature scavenger hunt: Getting your kids to pay attention to the types of birds, animals,

trees and flowers outside can be difficult—unless you turn it into a game. You can create a

scavenger hunt of natural wonders and send your kids out with instructions to get pictures of

various trees, birds, rocks and other features of your town or state. Not only will this keep them

entertained and challenged, but it can be a great way for them to learn about their


3. Turn trash into treasure: Kids love to get messy and they like to use their imaginations—what

better way to enjoy both these activities than to turn trash into arts and crafts? Start by setting

aside unsoiled waste, such as paper and plastics, as well as waste that can be cleaned, such as

bottles and cans. When you have enough, give this cleaned-up trash to your kids along with

some glue, paint, string, crayons and beads and see what they create. If possible, set them up

outside for this activity so they can make a mess.

Often, the best thing you can give your kids over the long summer is just your time and attention. Make

sure to shut off your phone and enjoy your kids—they’ll get more from that than they will any trip to an

amusement park.

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