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Three Tricks for Avoiding Overwhelming Credit Card Debt

FYL 6.2.16

Okay, this is it. The blog post you’ve been waiting for. The one that’s going to give you 3 super special,

top secret, confidential tricks to avoid becoming overwhelmed by credit card debt. This post is like a

magic weight loss pill for your debt—and you’re not going to believe how simple it is.

The first trick is to stop spending money using credit cards. Here’s the thing: if you don’t use your credit

cards to make purchases, then you can’t have credit card debt, can you? Leave the credit cards at home,

decline any opportunity to open a new account when shopping, and take your credit card numbers out

of your online shopping accounts.

The second trick is a bit harder, but still totally doable: reduce your overall spending. Many people end

up relying on credit cards to make it between paychecks because they haven’t adjusted their budget so

that they’re actually living within their means. When you spend less than you earn each month, you

don’t have to look to credit cards to supplement your spending.

The third trick is … well … tricky, but you can do it: pay more on your debt each month. If you don’t want

to be overwhelmed by credit card debt, not only must you stop adding new debt to your totals, you

must also pay off the debt you already have. When you only make the minimum payments each month,

you could be looking at decades to pay off your credit card debt. Instead, adjust your budget so you can

pay just a little bit more than the minimum. Then, as you pay off one card, roll that payment over to


After reading this post you’ve probably figured out that these tricks aren’t so tricky after all. In fact, it’s

the same common sense advice you’ve probably heard for years. That’s because there are no tricks for

avoiding credit card debt. There’s just good old fashioned discipline and solid budgeting.

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