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Gain the Tools and Knowledge to Control Your Financial Destiny

It’s impossible to create the life of your dreams if you don’t have your finances under control. Yet, how many people do you know who have actually accomplished this? The truth is debt continues to spiral, savings balances remain anemic, and spending continues unabated. FinancingYourLife.com is devoted to changing all of that and giving you the tools you need to take control of your financial life, once and for all.

The odds are stacked against most of us after we leave school and enter the working world, because financial education in America is simply not a priority. In 2012 Time magazine reported that fewer states are requiring economics tests and personal finance courses than were offered in 2009. Only 22 states currently require their would-be graduates to take an economics course and only 14 require a finance class.

As a registered financial consultant, I spend each day working with clients who face huge hurdles of confusion and misunderstanding thanks to a lifetime of misguided advice and neglect in monetary education. In order to level the playing field and provide an accessible, easy-to-read and informative resource, I’ve created a suite of products. The Financing Your Life ensemble includes this free website, the Financing Your Life workbook and the accompanying fictional tale (both scheduled to be published on 04/30/2014).

You have the right to create a financially secure future, and with Financing Your Life, you now have the tools and knowledge to get you there.

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