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What You Lose Betting on Future Income

    Tell me if any of these statements sound like things you’ve said or thoughts you’ve had recently:   I’ll opt into the 401(k) after my next raise. I’ll start contributing to an IRA once I make more. Sure, I’ve got a little debt now, but eventually I’ll be …

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Six Benefits of Credit Unions

Last week we were pretty focused on National Estate Planning Awareness Week, but there was another financial holiday in the air—International Credit Union Day. We’re going to observe this little-known holiday a week late by talking about some of the many benefits of credit unions.   Member-owned: Credit unions aren’t …

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Five Questions to Ask Yourself about Your Bank

Are you happy with your bank, or are you just using the same institution you have been for years because that seems easier than switching? It’s always a good idea to quiz yourself annually about whether your bank is really meeting your needs or if it’s leaving something to be …

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