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Recession-Proof Your Finances

Whenever the market endures a sustained dip, the news and pundits begin contemplating the likelihood of another recession. While a downturn in the market isn’t always indicative of a recession, we need to get used to the reality that we could see another recession within our lifetimes. Ideally, you should …

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Black Friday Shopping Guide

For some, Black Friday isn’t just a cheap shopping day—it’s a sacred event. But no matter how important Black Friday is to you, it shouldn’t be a spending free-for-all that puts a dent in your budget and a hole in your wallet. Instead, it should be used to give you …

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Can Frugal Living Be Dangerous?

In the book Financing Your Life, I bring up the concept of dangerous frugality. Generally, when people think about saving money and budgeting, the notion of being frugal is seen as a positive one. So much so that there are dozens of websites and books now devoted to helping people …

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