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Resources for Consumer Awareness, Part 2

Last week, we talked about some consumer resources that can help you find reviews for products, services and service providers. This week, let’s take a look at some resources that allow you to check out complaints against businesses, get free tools to help improve your financial decision-making skills, and find …

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Resources for Consumer Awareness, Part 1

If there’s one thing we can all be grateful for, it’s the fact that the internet has given us the power to be educated, informed consumers. But if you aren’t sure how to use the internet to learn more about products and vendors, then you’re missing out on this tremendous …

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Choosing Your Charity

It’s never been easier to give money to charity. In fact, it’s so easy you don’t have to do anything in some cases. Simply purchase an everyday item through Amazon Smile and a portion of the proceeds will be automatically donated to the charity of your choice. But this is …

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Saving Money on Vet Bills

Pets are loved and cherished members of many families. People do research to make sure they’re feeding their pets the healthiest diets, they make sure they’re entertained and groomed, and they take them into the vet for regular checkups. All of this can add up to some pretty substantial expenses, …

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What to Know Before Joining the Tiny House Movement

  Tiny homes have become largely popular in recent years. The subject of multiple documentaries, television shows and online articles, tiny homes of 400 to 1,000 square feet are filling a desire many people have to downsize, live a simpler life and regain control over their futures. If the tiny …

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Successful Telecommuting

In the past decade, more companies have begun offering telecommuting options to their employees. The benefits of telecommuting are many. First it offers a great way for a business to deal with disasters—creating a virtual disaster plan that allows them to continue fulfilling client expectations even after a catastrophe. But …

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