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Cheap Auto Insurance for Your Teen

FYL 6.9.16

When your teen finally starts driving, there’s a lot to worry about. With concerns about whether they’ll

remember safe driving procedures, have the discipline to minimize distractions, and be equipped to

make those split-second decisions that can prevent an accident, you also need to think about how to get

them affordable insurance coverage that still offers sufficient protection.

Teens are new, inexperienced drivers—that makes them high risk and expensive to insure. Luckily, there

are a few things you can do to control costs without sacrificing protection.

  •  Have your teen driver complete a defensive driving course. No new driver has the skills to

consistently reduce the risk of accidents and proactively prevent dangerous scenarios unless he

or she has completed a defensive driving course. Insurers often offer discounts to teens who

have taken this added step.

  •  Look for companies with good student discounts. A careful student is often a careful driver,

which is why many insurance companies offer discounts to students with good grades. Studies

have actually shown that teens with good grades are less likely to have an accident—which is

why they can enjoy rate discounts of up to 25 percent from select insurers.

  • Use apps. There are apps that can monitor your teen’s driving habits and help them get a

discount. Not only that, using these apps can help keep your teen safer knowing they’re being

monitored at all times. Other apps, such as those that stop incoming texts while driving, can also

help improve your teen’s driving, prevent accidents and create a better driving record, all of

which will lower rates.

  • Consider a family policy. Many insurance companies offer discounts for families who have

multiple members covered. They may also offer added discounts for multiple lines of

coverage—such as home and life.

  •  Compare rates annually. No matter how great a rate you get this year, there’s always a chance

that you can get a lower rate next year with a different insurer. Compare rates every year to

ensure you’re getting all the breaks you’re entitled to.

Auto insurance protection for your teen doesn’t have to break the bank. Ask your agent questions to

find out how to get discounts and you can teach your teen lessons in both safety and thrift.

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