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Getting More Respect at Work

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Your job is the center of your financial life. No matter how many budgets you make or how strict you are about spending, you have no hope of surviving comfortably without the income that your job brings. But your career isn’t just about maintaining the status quo. It’s also about creating more opportunities for growth and financial freedom through promotions. While there are many career-specific steps you can take to ensure a promotion and raise in your future, every professional will benefit from becoming more respected.

Being well respected at work brings many different opportunities and benefits. It can help you secure leadership positions, initiate change and feel more valued. In order to start enjoying all these many benefits, here are five steps you should take.

  1. Always do what you say you’re going to do. No one respects an individual who doesn’t fulfill his or her obligations. If you tell your coworkers or superiors that you will do something, make sure that you do so within the allotted time frame.
  2. Take the lead when appropriate. There are times during the workweek when you can exhibit your leadership qualities by taking control of various situations, projects and initiatives. Whenever these opportunities present themselves, make sure that you push yourself and take charge.
  3. Stay interested and engaged during meetings. During large group meetings, it can be easy to zone out and fly under the radar. But in order to gain the respect of your coworkers and superiors, you should instead take notes and offer helpful suggestions when appropriate.
  4. Stay calm under pressure. It’s hard to gain respect when you freak out or get overly stressed and snappy during challenging situations and seasons. Learn how to exhibit grace under pressure and control yourself so you can think clearly and remain effective.
  5. Be considerate to everyone. In order to be respected, you must be respectful. Show respect for everyone you work with and all clients you come into contact with. Not only will people appreciate your respect and reflect it back at you but you will also be an example for the rest of the company.

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