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Life Insurance Awareness Month


Life Insurance Awareness Month


September is Life Insurance Awareness month and at Financing Your Life, we want to use this as an opportunity to spend a few weeks talking about how life insurance impacts people of all ages—from college students to middle-aged professionals, from people with kids to those without, from married couples to dedicated singles.


Topics We’ll Cover


There are endless topics we could cover when talking about life insurance. This month, we’ve narrowed in on four that we think will help our readers. In the weeks to come, you can expect to read about:


  • Why every college student should have life insurance
  • Why you still need life insurance even if you don’t have children
  • How life insurance can be a vital part of your retirement plan
  • The pros and cons of term and permanent insurance policies


The Value of Life Insurance


There’s no doubt you’ve heard that life insurance provides a death benefit to beneficiaries that can be used to help pay bills and funeral expenses after your death, but there’s more to life insurance than that. As you’ll discover during the course of this month, a life insurance policy can offer you an important and affordable way to create future financial independence. It can relieve some of the debt burden on your parents, and buying a policy early on in life can lock in low rates forever, essentially helping you lower your future living expenses.


A life insurance policy isn’t just a way to generate a death benefit for those you leave behind; it’s also a way to invest in yourself and your future and create a means for your future financial independence.


One last thing: it’s a good idea to read every post we make on the topic this month. While you might be tempted to only read those posts that relate to your current life circumstances, reading those that cover future circumstances you could find yourself in will help better prepare you for the potential changes in your future. And don’t forget to share your thoughts and other helpful articles you read on our Facebook page!

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