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Recharging Retirement Savings

When you first start saving for retirement, it’s fun and exciting. You watch the money begin to grow and you realize that someday, you’ll use that money to support yourself while you fritter away your days by the pool, on the beach, playing golf, gardening or reading a good book. …

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Should You Loan Money to a Friend?

When a friend comes to you for a loan, it’s easy to just say yes and begin reaching for your wallet. But a loan between friends can be dangerous—to the lender, the borrower and the friendship—which is why it should be considered carefully. Here are five questions you can ask …

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Does Your Entrepreneurial Venture or Side Gig Need Insurance?

This week is Global Entrepreneurship Week, so I want to take a moment to talk about something that most entrepreneurs just don’t know enough about: insurance. Between opportunities like becoming an Uber driver or starting your own web design business, there are lower barriers to entrepreneurship than there ever have …

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