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Planning for the 2016 Holiday Season

Are you ready for the 2016 holiday season? If you think that’s a typo and we meant

to write 2015, think again. The time to prepare for the 2016 holidays is now when

the 2015 holidays are almost over and all of the decor and supplies will soon be

deeply discounted.

Replacing Décor

The holiday décor you use annually sometimes needs replacement. This year, look at

all the various decorations you use and make a list of those that probably won’t see

another holiday season. Then, shop the after-holiday sales this year to buy those

items for next year. Try to avoid buying any décor that is heavily branded to a

movie, TV show or cartoon that may not be popular next year or the year after. The

goal is to go for classics that never go out of style.

Starting a New Tradition

Holiday traditions change over the years as children grow up, families evolve and

technology changes. If you’d like to integrate a new tradition into your family’s

holiday celebration next year or change the way you approach an existing tradition

(such as switching to a fake Christmas tree instead of real), you might consider

buying anything you need for the new tradition this year during the after-holiday


Updating Holiday Clothes and Accessories

Who doesn’t love a bright holiday sweater, or a dazzling pair of holiday earrings? Or

fuzzy holiday socks and pajamas? Love isn’t enough to justify paying full price for

these seasonally worn items, however. Instead, shop the stores or online after the

holidays when these seasonal items are marked down.

Once you’ve stocked up on all the necessities for your 2016 holiday celebration,

store the items in a sturdy container left in a safe, secure area. By the time the 2016

holidays roll around, you may have forgotten what you bought, which means you’re

in for an exciting surprise when you open the boxes.

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