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Saving Money on Vet Bills

FYL 8.4.16

Pets are loved and cherished members of many families. People do research to make sure they’re

feeding their pets the healthiest diets, they make sure they’re entertained and groomed, and they take

them into the vet for regular checkups. All of this can add up to some pretty substantial expenses,

especially if your pet needs frequent or specialized veterinary care.

If your pet’s veterinary care is becoming unaffordable, or you simply want to plan ahead to save costs

before you commit to a pet, here are a few ideas.

Ask Your Vet for Help

Sometimes, all you have to do is ask to get some reduction in vet bills. If you’re honest with your vet

about your financial struggles, they may let you know about some assistance plans offered by their

office. Some vets even accept donations that can be used to help defray costs for lower-income clients.

The thing is, you’ll never know unless you ask. And remember—if you’re ever in a more stable financial

position, be sure to pay forward any help that you got so you can keep the chain of goodwill going.

Contact a Local Pet Charity

Pet charities in your area may know about vets that offer supplemented care/bills. Call your local ASPCA

or other local animal shelter to see what you can find. They may also be able to point you to a local

veterinary school that allows students to provide animal care at a discount.

Get On a Payment Plan

Instead of reaching for a high-interest credit card to pay for your latest vet bill, ask your vet if you can

work out a payment plan. Note that some vets may suggest you get a specialized vet care credit card,

which, if it has higher interest than the cards you already have, is probably not the best option.

Having a pet doesn’t have to mean high vet bills and growing credit card debt. With careful planning and

research, you can find ways to reduce the expenses of vet care without compromising the health of your

precious pet.

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