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Tips for Temps


If you’re in between jobs or simply looking for a way to get back into the workforce, a temporary position could be a perfect solution. But don’t think of a temporary position as a throwaway spot. Follow these five tips as a way to use the position to gain skills, build a solid reputation and maybe even land a permanent position.


  1. Treat temp work as if it is a permanent position. If you want to be considered for full-time work with the company or you simply want to maintain your good reputation with the temp service, then treat your temp position with the same respect you’d have for a permanent position. Don’t show up late or leave early, pay attention to your work and be reliable.


  1. Learn as much as you can. It doesn’t matter if you want this opportunity to turn into a full-time job or you simply want to be a more marketable temp. Learning everything you can about the temporary position you fill might just lead to additional skills to put on your résumé.


  1. Be flexible. Temps are there to fill in gaps that employers have and those gaps could be pretty fluid with lots of changes and adjustments from day to day. Stay positive and remain open and flexible so you can adapt to changes quickly and become a valued part of the organization.


  1. Do more than the minimum. Sure, you can satisfy a temp employer simply by doing what you’re asked to do—but you can really stand out by going the extra mile. Get a sense of the overall role you’re meant to fulfill and stay within the appropriate boundaries.


  1. Treat the other employees with respect. You never know how much sway other employees can hold over your future with that company or your performance evaluation with the temp agency, so treat everyone with respect. Whenever possible, you can even try to develop a friendly relationship with coworkers so people remember you and want to see you back there as soon as the need arises. This also creates a great networking opportunity so you can find out about other available positions.

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